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Library: Central Library & Yonsei-Samsung Library

The Yonsei University Library was founded in 1915 with the founding of Yonhee College, and was first housed in the YMCA building on Chong-no Street. In April 1924, the Library was moved to the third floor of the Yonhee Student Union Building, then to the Gwangbok building in June 1956, and then to the Yongjae building in November 1957. On March 30, 1979 the new library building (now Yonsei Central Library) was completed and it was used as the main library of Yonsei University until 2008.

In 2007, the Yonsei University Library became the first in Korea to successfully embark on the Subject Librarian Services system. The Library is equipped with a high-tech IT environment as well as strengthened digital content management system. With the opening of the Yonsei-Samsung Library in 2008, the Library changed its name from the "Central Library" to "Yonsei University Library". Yonsei University Library reorganized the structure of departments and added two more divisions and four more sections so that it can integrate and manage these two libraries more effectively. The opening of the Yonsei-Samsung Library and the new library system will make the Yonsei University Library a future-oriented high-tech academic information center.

The Library’s collections include more than 2.2 million printed works and 17,000 serials. A variety of electronic resources, including 200 academic databases, 71,500 e-journals, and 476,000 e-books can be accessed both on and off campus. The Yonsei University Library has been the center of Yonsei University’s growth, where a variety of academic information is developed, obtained, and preserved so that it can strongly support the education, research and learning activities of all Yonsei University members. With all these achievements, the Library is developing into a leading academic information resource center of the 21st century and is playing a crucial role in making Yonsei University one of the best international research-based universities with the vision of Yonsei 2020.

YISS students can check out up to ten items, which should be returned within 15 days. A late penalty will be charged for students who have over due books at the end of the program and an official transcript will not be issued.


Central Library
Facilities During Vacation
Mon.-Fri. Sat.
Library Classroom (2F) 09:00 ~ 20:00 09:00 ~ 15:00
Humanities Collections: Book (2F)
Social Sciences, Science & Engineering Collections: Book (3F)
Humanities & Social Sciences Collections: Journals, References (4F)
Center for Korean Classics Collection 09:00 ~ 17:00 -
Study Room (B1, 5F, 6F) 06:00 ~ 23:00
Study Room (1F) Opens 24hrs

Yonsei-Samsung Library
Facilities During Vacation
Mon.-Fri. Sat.
Y-Valley (1F) 08:00 ~ 23:00
Information Commons (2F) 09:00 ~ 20:00 09:00 ~ 15:00
Multimedia Center (3F)
Research Commons (Journals, References) (5F)
Law Library (6F)
Grand Study Room (4F) 08:00 ~ 23:00

Other Facilities


Printing Services are provided jointly by the Yonsei University Library and the Yonsei Coop at the copy rooms on the 2nd and 4th floors of the Central Library, the 4th floor of the Yonsei-Samsung Library, the 4th floor reading room of the Central Library, Information Commons, and the 4th and 5th floor of Yonsei-Samsung Library.


The price for making photocopies is 40 won per page, payable through the ID account system. Payment in cash is allowed for a small quantity of copies or for materials that are not copyrighted. Color copies are 450 won per A4-size page and 900 won per A3-size page.


The Copy Room located on the second floor of the Central Library offers domestic and international faxing services. Sending faxes to Seoul and the Incheon region costs KRW 500 per page while other regions cost KRW 500. International faxing costs vary from KRW 900 to KRW 1,700. There may be additional transmitting fees depending on the countries.)