Visiting (Fee-paying) students are eligible to apply for scholarships.
Exchange students are not considered for scholarships. Scholarship will be cancelled, if one withdraws from the program.
Those who have already received a scholarship are not eligible for other scholarships.
Application Due May 17, 2019
Announcement of Awardees Jul 19, 2019
  • All required documents must be received by the due date.
  • Application due for early enrollment benefit is Feb 28, 2019.

Kim Suk-Hi and Do-Sim Scholarship

A need-based scholarship : Tuition support KRW 1,000,000 & Housing fee KRW 900,000

Required Documents
  1. 1. A Kim Suk-Hi and Do Sim Scholarship application form (online)
  2. 2. Parents' income Tax Statement for the year 2018
  3. 3. A personal statement explaining the necessity for scholarship assistance
  4. 4. Two recommendation letters from professors or instructors
  5. 5. A copy of bank account

Yonsei Alumni Scholarship

Alumni Scholarship : Students whose parents are graduates of Yonsei University KRW 400,000

Required Documents
  1. 1. (parents') Certificate of Graduation
  2. 2. Certificate of kinship

Scholastic Awards

KRW 600,000(For students who take 2 courses and earn A+ in all courses)
KRW 1,200,000(For students who take 3 courses and earn A+ in all courses)


Scholarship awardees will be selected from the successful candidates based on their academic records at the YISS.
Students are required to earn A+ in all courses.
Exchange students are not eligible.
Visiting students who already received other scholarship from YISS are not eligible. Internship program participants are not eligible.

Important Notice
  • Please note that scholarships will be presented to the bank account which students provide to YISS in September, 2019. This is because final grades will be confirmed mid August after the grade check & correction period ends.
  • Students taking the Korean Summer Internship Course cannot receive the scholastic awards since a letter grade will not be given.

Early Enrollment Benefit

Early Enrollment Benefit : KRW 200,000

All students who are registered on 2019 YISS program during Early registration(Jan 3, 2019 ~ Feb 28, 2019) with a completion of online application submission with the non-refundable application fee(KRW 100,000) as well as the official transcript are eligible to receive a benefit of KRW 200,000 which will be applied on your YISS tuition as fees deduction.

Important Notice
  • Please be informed that Early Enrollment and Re-enrollment benefits CANNOT be duplicated.

Re-Enrollment Benefit

Re-Enrollment Benefit : KRW 200,000

All students who already have participated in YISS program in the past will receive a benefit of KRW 200,000 and it will be deducted from your tuition fee. Your tuition with application fee deduction will be applied after receiving a final approval from YISS office.

Important Notice
  • Re-enrolling students must send an informing email to regarding your re-enrollment status in advance.
  • Please be informed that Early Enrollment and Re-enrollment benefits CANNOT be duplicated.