Refund Policy

For all refunds, students must send a written notice of cancellation to the Yonsei International Summer School office. Additional bank and postage charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

Application Fee


Tuition Fee

Until Jun 26, 2023 (Korean Time) Full refund
Until Jun 28, 2023 (Korean Time) 80% refund
From Jun 29, 2023 (Korean Time) No refund

Field Trip Fee

Until (Korean Time) Full refund
Until (Korean Time) 50% refund
From (Korean Time) No refund
  • All cancellation or refund requests should be delivered to the YISS office in a written form via e-mail(by deadline, 11:59 p.m.) :
  • E-mails should include expression of cancellation and student information. All necessary procedures will be carried out by email communication after on.
  • Please note that we strictly follow the refund policy and deadline, with no exception allowed, so requests should be sent within each deadline.