Fees & Payment

Mandatory Fees

  1 Course
2 Courses
3 Courses
Application Fee 100,000 (non-refundable) May 11, 2023
(Korea Standard Time (GMT +9))
Tuition 1,650,000 3,050,000 3,650,000 May 25, 2023
(Korea Standard Time (GMT +9))
Total 1,750,000 3,150,000 3,750,000

Optional Fees

  Amount (KRW) Deadline
On-campus Housing 1,008,000 Apr 12, 2023 (Korea Standard Time (GMT +9))
First-come first-served basis
* Please check the dorm website for more information about fees and application process.

Optional fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Payment Method

Wire Transfer
1) International bank wire transfer or domestic transfer(계좌이체) directly to Yonsei University with below information.
  • Bank Name: Wooribank, Yonsei Branch
  • Bank Address: 50 Yonsei-ro Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03722, Korea
  • Recipient: Yonsei University
  • Business Registration No. of Yonsei University: 110-82-00280
  • Account No. : Individual Virtual Account presented on ‘Mypage’
2) Bank wire transfer through Flywire(overseas only)

Credit/Debit Card Payment through Flywire(Overseas only)
Only cards issued overseas are acceptable through Flywire. Card payment can be made only in foreign currency.
Flywire accepts overseas bank transfers, credit/debit card payments and other online payment methods. You may complete the payment in your local currency, and check the payment progress in real-time via Flywire website.

* On the flywire payment system, only the card brands or other payment methods available for your country will be displayed. The final amount shown in your home currency includes any charges and fees charged by your credit/debit card provider, exchange rate fees, and Flywire service charges. Paying by card does not provide the assurance of a best rate guarantee. Please refer to the guarantee system of Flywire here - www.flywire.com/legal/best-price-guarantee

  • Students who wish to pay in another currency rather than KRW are strongly recommended to make their payments by considering the exchange rate on the date of the transaction including bank charges.
  • Students who are appointed as Summer Exchange Students and apply through their home institutions will have their tuition and application fee exempted by YISS as they must pay tuition fees to their home institutions instead.