Course Enrollment

Online Course Registration

1st Course registration April 28, 2022 ~ April 29, 2022
2nd Course registration May 31, 2022 ~ Jun 1, 2022
Time 10:00 ~ 17:00 (Korean Time)

※ 1st Course registration is exclusively available for those students who enroll (pay full tuition fee) by April 22nd.

Course Change (Add & Drop)

Jun 28, 2022 ~ Jun 29, 2022

Course Withdrawal

6-Week Track : Jul 18, 2022 ~ Jul 19, 2022 / 4-Week Track : Jul 11, 2022 ~ Jul 12, 2022

If you wish to withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop period, you must fill out a course withdrawal form, which you can obtain from the YISS office. After this date, no course withdrawal will be allowed under any circumstances.

Please note that course withdrawal does not delete the course from your permanent record while a "W", meaning "withdrawal", will not be marked on your transcript. Please check the portal to make sure you meet the minimum course load of six credits. A transcript will not be issued for students who drop below six credits. Please keep a copy of your withdrawal form until you receive an official transcript from Yonsei University.

Course Availability

For an offline base YISS program, a course will be cancelled if less than five students register for the course. However, in the event the program moves fully online, a course will be cancelled if less than 10 students register for the course.
In case your class is cancelled due to the student minimum policy, immediately consult the Summer School Coordinator regarding alternate course registration.
All courses have a maximum number of seats available. Seats will be reserved on first-come, first-served basis during the course registration period.


Some classes list prerequisites in their course description :
Students are required to check if they are eligible to take the course or not. If you are unsure, contact the faculty for advice or request an exception to the listed prerequisite at the first class meeting. Students should have a secondary choice of the course as a backup since permission might not be granted. Dropping or switching to another course should be done during the Add/Drop period.


YISS does not allow students to audit lectures.