Academic Policies


Students are expected to be responsible, honest and considerate of others. The YISS office reviews the actions of students charged with harassment, fraud, infringing on the rights of others, violating the rules and regulations of any University department; behaving inappropriately toward University faculty, staff, or fellow students; the unauthorized use of University facilities or equipment, including computer resources; the alteration or falsification of University records; the unauthorized recording, sale, or purchase of lectures or other instructional materials; destroying or defacing University property; misrepresenting themselves or their University affiliation; or disturbing orderly academic functions and processes.
Please note that using lectures or other instructional materials for commercial purpose and defacing university property is strictly prohibited. Any behavior disturbing orderly academic functions and processes will not be accepted. Please be advised that Yonsei University has the right to dismiss any student who it deems as detrimental to the program.
In this case, or in the event of a withdrawal for any reason prior to, or during the program, no refund is possible, if students fail to maintain adequate academic standards or if their behavior is not in keeping with university standards or the laws of Korea, such as illegal drugs and illegal employment.
Any academic regulations not stated here will follow those of Yonsei University.


Yonsei University has a strict attendance policy: any student who is absent from a course for 1/3 or more of the semester will be issued an "F" regardless of their achievement in the course. Absences will be counted from the first day of classes(06-27-2023) . Some professors, however, may have stricter rules. For instance, class attendance is taken more seriously in Korean Language Classes and you cannot be absent for more than 20% of the class to receive a grade. Please check the course syllabus or ask your professor to find out the attendance policy for your courses.

Course Load

Course Load Length of Study
3 credits (1 courses) 6-weeks or 4-weeks
6 credits (2 courses)
9 credits (3 courses)

In order to complete a full semester's work in only six (four) weeks, YISS courses are highly intensive and fast paced.
For six-week courses, classes meet two class hours (100 minutes) each day (three class hours for Korean Language classes), four days a week (Mon ~ Thu), for 6 weeks (46 in-class hours per course).
For four-week courses, classes meet three class hours (150 minutes) each day, four days a week (Mon ~ Thu), for 4 weeks (46 in-class hours per course).
Course requirements include a mid-term examination, a final examination, and often term papers or other assignments by individual professors and courses.

Students under a special university exchange program (see below list), are allowed to take up to 12 credits (4 courses.)

Athlone Institute of Technology / Baruch College / Brandeis University / City University of Hong Kong / Helsinki School of Economics / Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Jilin University / Kaunas University of Technology / Mercer University / North Central College / Oregon University System / University of Hawaii at Manoa / St. Cloud State University / St. Michael’s University / University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign / University of Kuopio / University of South Florida / University of Texas at Arlington / University of Waterloo / Vaxjo University

* Course code: The first three alphabets of the course code show which department the course is being offered from. Among the four numbers that follow, the first number shows the targeted year of the course.

1 - Freshman course / General course / Lower Division course
2 - Sophomore course / General course / Lower Division course
3 - Junior course / Upper Division course
4 - Senior course / Advanced course

Course Availability

For an offline base YISS program, a course will be cancelled if less than five students register for the course. However, in the event the program moves fully online, a course will be cancelled if less than 10 students register for the course.
In case your class is cancelled due to the student minimum policy, immediately consult the Summer School Coordinator regarding alternate course registration.
All courses have a maximum number of seats available. Seats will be reserved on first-come, first-served basis during the course registration period.

Course Change

Course Drop / Add / Confirmation - 06-27-2023 ~ 06-28-2023 (Korean Standard Time)
Course Change is only available through the Portal System ( during the designated period.

Students taking Korean Language Course does not have to change their classes if the registered course's level does not meet your actual Korean level. If necessary OIA office will do the course change on your behalf.
Adding or dropping courses is strongly discouraged due to the short duration of the program. Remember that students taking 4-week program cannot apply for 6-week program course. Also, students applying for online course cannot apply for offline courses.
Please note that the office will not issue course enrollment confirmations. Students must refer to their account information to confirm and finalize their course registration.

Course Withdrawal

1. Before/during add & drop period
You can withdraw from a course(dropping) during add and drop period just like course registration on Yonsei portal. To get refund for the dropped course(s), you have to contact YISS team via email, and refund will be processed based on the refund policy.

2. After add and drop period
Course withdrawal can be done only through Yonsei portal on students’ themselves during withdrawal period.
After this period, no course withdrawal will be allowed under any circumstances.

Students who stop attending classes without officially withdrawing from the course will be highly likely to receive an "F". Withdrawn courses during withdrawal period will appear ‘W’ on Yonsei portal, but do not on transcript.

Program Withdrawal

Please refer to the refund policy here.

Students wishing to withdraw from the program must contact YISS team via email and confirm the intention to leave.
Tuition fee refund will be processed based on the refund policy. Enrollment data will be deleted, and transcript will not be issued if a student withdraws from YISS. Withdrawn students will need to leave on-campus housing if checked in already, informing the housing office of withdrawal. Housing office is in charge of housing fee refund.

Exchange students must get an official written permission from their home institutions to withdraw from the program. Any scholarship given will be cancelled.

Grading Policy

Final grade assessment is based on attendance, class participation, assignments and examinations. Grades are issued on an “A+, A0 and A-“ to “F” scale and will be recorded permanently. After the grade check period, changing grades is not possible under any circumstances.

All courses will be graded on an absolute evaluation basis.

Grading Table
A+ 4.3 B+ 3.3 C+ 2.3 D+ 1.3
A0 4.0 B0 3.0 C0 2.0 D0 1.0
A- 3.7 B- 2.7 C- 1.7 D- 0.7

Pass/Non-pass grading option is only applicable to Internship program.