Research Internship

Research Internship Program

The internshipis designed for highly qualified and motivated Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) students who are interested in research projects or advanced coursework. Research Internship Program offers selected students the opportunity to participate in research projects or work as an intern in research centers or organizations at Yonsei University.

  • Program Period : Jun 16, 2023 ~ Aug 3, 2023 (7.5 weeks)
  • Qualifications : 2023 YISS participants enrolled in an accredited foreign university as well as enrolled in at least 2 courses. (* High school seniors who have been accepted to university and Yonsei students are not eligible to apply.)
  • Benefit
    1. 1) Certificate of Completion for those who get “Pass“ with signature of Vice President, Office of International Affairs at Yonsei University
    2. 2) Actual Working experience in Korea
    3. 3) 2 Credits (Graded on Pass/Non-Pass basis)

    * Please discuss with an academic advisor of your home university for the credit transferability
    * The internship is unpaid since it is an academic course under YISS

  • Course Syllabus : File Down
  • Working hours required (105 hours in total)
    * Please check the working hour of each research center or lab from the list below

    Important Dates

    Internship Application February 1 (Wed) ~ March 16 (Thu)
    Internship Applicant Payment Due March 23 (Thu)
    Internship Interview Period (Optional) Early April
    Placement Announcement 1st Result – Around April 14 (Fri)
    2nd Result – Around April 28 (Fri)
    Internship Orientation June 15 (Thu)
    Internship Period June 16 (Fri) - Full time
    June 19 (Mon) ~ August 3 (Thu)
    3.5 hrs per day (Mon ~ Thu)
    • * Internship applicants need to complete their enrollment by making full tuition fee payment by March 23. Applications with outstanding tuition balance will not be considered.
    • * The Placement Schedule might be subject to be delayed on the situation
    • * There might be an Early Decision depending on the institutions*There can be an additional placement if there is any cancellation

Course Schedule Guidance

  • The following modules are devised to assist internship applicants in scheduling academic course(s) with internship.
  • Internship applicants are required to take at least two courses including the internship course (Internship + 1 academic course).
  • There are two options for internship working hour(morning or afternoon), so please refer to below charts for understanding how the YISS course schedule can be arranged for interns.
  • Please note that participants have to work from 9:00 to 17:00 on Jun 16 (Fri) 2023.
Option 1) Morning Internship
Morning - Internship Afternoon - Academic Course(s)
1 Internship 09:00~12:30 Period 2A (4-week) 13:30 - 16:00
2 Period 3 (6-week) 13:20 – 15:00
3 Period 4 (6-week) 15:20 – 17:00
Option 2) Afternoon Internship
Morning Academic Course(s) Afternoon - Internship
1 Period 1A (4-week) 09:30 - 12:00 Internship 14:00 – 17:30
2 Period 1 (6-week) 09:00 – 10:40
3 Period 2 (6-week) 11:00 – 12:40

Interns will work either in the Morning or Afternoon and can choose to take academic course(s) in blue or in green (or both).

Note :
  • Internship placement is not guaranteed. Final decisions will be made by individual institutions. Please prepare alternative course options to be approved by your home university in case you are not placed in an internship position.
  • Some laboratories or centers may have interviews, and in this case, only short-listed candidates will be individually contacted.
  • Each applicant can apply for up to 5 internship positions (5 from both Research & Corporation Internship).
  • Please take extra caution when selecting internship positions and ask questions before submitting your application if any. When the offer is accepted by applicant (placement is confirmed), based on the mutual trust and contract, and cancellation or change in placement cannot be made. If a placement is changed or cancelled, all benefits that were given to the applicant will be withdrawn.

List of Participating Research Centers/Labs 2023

  • Please refer to the below chart for information of participating research centers/labs. The list and details may change without prior notice.
Name of Professor Name of Research Center Summary of Research or Project No. of Positions Available Support Requirements
No Data.

Security Pledge Agreement and Collection of Personal Information Agreement

  • Additional documents, such as a collection of personal information, may be required (security issues related to research projects are essential in terms of researchers).
For any inquiries regarding Yonsei Summer Internship Program, please contact :
  • Email :    Tel : (+82)-2-2123-3988