Research Internship

Research Internship Program

This program is designed for highly qualified and motivated YISS students who are interested in research projects or advanced coursework. Research Internship Program offers selected students the opportunity to participate in research projects or work as an intern in research centers or organizations at Yonsei University.

  • Program Period : Jun 30, 2020 ~ Aug 6, 2020 (6 weeks)
  • Working hours required : Mon-Fri, 14:00~18:00 (20 hours per week)
    * Working hours may vary depending on each sponsoring company’s conditions and student’s course schedule.
  • Qualifications : 2020 YISS participants enrolled in an accredited foreign university (Students enrolled in an accredited college or university in Korea, high school seniors who have been accepted to university and Yonsei students are not eligible.)
  • Number of Participants : approx. 30 students
  • Course Syllabus : File Down

Program Benefits

  • Research internship opportunity at Yonsei University
  • Scholarship or financial support (amount and payment method may vary according to project)
  • Earn six (6) credit points: 3 credits for YSIP (Graded on Pass/Non-Pass basis) and 3 credits for YISS.
  • Receive certificate of completion and become official member of YSIP network

Security Pledge Agreement and Collection of Personal Information Agreement

  • Additional documents, such as collection of personal information, may be required (security issues related to research projects are essential in terms of researchers).

How to Apply

To apply for the Internship program, students are required to:

  1. 1. Submit the completed internship application on-line by Apr 24, 2020 (Korea Standard Time Zone: 11:59 P.M.)
    * Internship application will be available from Apr 6, 2020
  2. 2. Pay the full tuition for the YISS by May 1, 2020
    * Exchange students do not need to pay the tuition to Yonsei.

Application Timeline

Once your application is submitted, it will be forwarded to the internship sponsor, who will ultimately make a selection. Some laboratory centers may choose to interview short-listed candidates by telephone or in person before recruiting interns.

Application Timeline (Tentative)
Student application Deadline Apr 6, 2020 ~ Apr 24, 2020
Tuition payment deadline May 1, 2020
Final Announcements May 29, 2020
Course Registration Jun 3, 2020
Internship Orientation Jun 30, 2020
Internship Start & End Date Jun 30, 2020 ~ Aug 6, 2020
Note :
  • Internship placement is not guaranteed. Final decisions will be made by individual company. Please be prepared with an alternate course approved from your home university in case you are not accepted to work as an intern.
  • Applicant may apply for up to 5 internship positions (Research/Labs & Corporations).
  • Please make extra caution when selecting internship positions and ask any questions before submitting your application. Once you are accepted, you cannot change your internship position or cancel your application.
  • For the detailed job description of each position, please refer to the list of sponsoring companies file attached.
  • The applicants should be admitted to YISS and pay the full tuition for the YISS by May 1, 2020. Exchange students do not need to pay the tuition to Yonsei.
  • Incomplete or late submissions and payment will not be taken into consideration for the internship.
  • For refund policy, please refer to this website: Refund Policy

Course Schedule Modules

  • The following modules are devised to assist internship participants for the course schedules.
  • Considering internship and course loads, participants need to take one course (during period 1 or 2) in addition to the internship.
Module 1
  • Taking 1st period course and afternoon internship from Monday to Friday
  • Total obtainable credits : 6 credits
Period Class Hours MON TUE WED THU FRI
1 09:00~10:40 Course
11:00~13:00 Lunch & Moving
14:00~18:00 Internship
Module 2
  • Taking 2nd period course and afternoon internship from Monday to Friday
  • Total obtainable credits : 6 credits
Period Class Hours MON TUE WED THU FRI
2 11:00~12:40 Course
13:00~14:00 Lunch & Moving
14:00~18:00 Internship
Module 3
  • Taking 1A period course and afternoon internship from Monday to Friday
  • Total obtainable credits : 6 credits
Period Class Hours MON TUE WED THU FRI
1A 09:30~12:00 Course
12:00~14:00 Lunch & Moving
14:00~18:00 Internship

List of Participating Research Centers/Labs 2020

  • A list of participaing Reseach Centers for 2020 program will be updated around March, and we will continue to update it until the middle of April. So please check back with us!
Name of Professor Name of Research Center Summary of Research or Project Number of Internship Positions Available Support Requirements
Cheon, Jinwoo / Jae-hyun Lee / Chang Ho Sohn IBS Center for Nanomedicine (Nano Biomedical Engineering) 1. Science, Art, and Communication of Nano for Energy, Environments, and Robotics
2. NanoMRI or Gene Editing for Future Medicine
6 N/A Major: Related fields with the research
Language: English (Advanced)
Other Requirements: Excellent interpersonal, Communication skills, and a demonstrated willingness to work in a team environment with diverse students
Chung, Kyong-Mee Behavioral Psychology Lab (Psychology) The development of an ICT-based program for enhancing executive functioning of children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disabilities, or the development and examination of an app-based emotion self-management program for individuals with high-functioning autism.
3 N/A Major: Psychology, Computer Engineering
Other Requirements: Basic knowledge of statistical analysis and tools, Interests in developing ICT-based interventions to change human behaviors and promote physical and psychological health
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
Ha, Sang-Jun System Immunology Lab Phenotyping and functional analysis for T cells infiltrated in tumor microenvironment to study the regulation of immune response during cancer progression
1 N/A Major: Immunology, Cancer Biology
Other Requirements: Basic molecular laboratory techniques (micropipetting, sterile technique), Mouse experiment (bleeding, anatomical technique) Interest in general immunological topics
Langauge: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
Kim Jinhee Transportation Planning Lab (Urban Planning and Engineering) Transportation Planning
1 N/A Transportation Planning or Traffic Engineering are preferred.
Language: Korean(Intermediate), English(Advanced)
Other Requirements: 1) Sincere attitude, willingness to learn, and fluency in English are essential
2) Proficiency in Microsoft Office Tools (especially in Excel), writing any report is required
Kim, Beomsoo Barun ICT Research Center Interns will participate in research about the global ICT trend and write essays on the Barun ICT Research agendas such as Digital Divide, eHealth Literacy, Personal Information, and Big da 5 N/A We are looking for students with fresh ideas, serious curiosity, passion, and creative drive who 1) have interest in ICT issues, 2) are skilled in statistics (not necessarily).
*After summer internship, Barun ICT Research Center may hire interns working over the Internet with research scholarship or fellowship (paid-position).

Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
Kim, Dae-Eun Tribology Research Lab (Mechanical Engineering) Investigation of mechanical and tribological (friction and wear) properties of engineering materials.
2 N/A Major: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Physics
Language: Korean (Basic), English (Advanced)
Others Requirements: Strong motivation, Independent research ability, Basic experimental skills
Kim, Eunkyoung Lab. of Organic Materials for Information Processing, Active Polymer Center for Pattern Integration, UMI Building Blocks for Future Electronics (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) Thermoelectric techniques to study cationic and anionic transport on ionic polymer film to learn which ionic composites are effective in thermoelectric energy conversion.
Synthesis (and purification) of emitting molecules to study which guest molecules are effective in light emitting electrochemical cells.
2 N/A Major: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science
Language: Korean (Basic), English (Advanced)
Other Requirements: Basic laboratory techniques (weighing, micropipetting, drying), knowledge of general chemistry topics and tools, synthesis, electrochemical reaction
Kim, Jhoon Global Environment Laboratory (Atmospheric Sciences) Data analysis of aerosols and pollutant gas concentrations to study air quality issues in Asia, as compared to other countries, and to detect their long-term trends 2 N/A Major: Atmospheric Science, Environment, Air Pollution, Physics, Chemistry
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
Other Requirements: Basic atmospheric sciences, physics and chemistry, program skills using Fortran, C, Python, IDL or equivalent.
Kim, Shiho Seamless Transportation Lab (Integrated Technology) Autonomous Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence.
2 500 USD Major: Computer Science, Eletrical Engineering
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
Other Requirements: Basic programming and coding skill
Kim, Taeyeon (Architecture and Architectural Engineering) Measuring and analyzing the particle matters (PM) in school 2 N/A Major: Architectural Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
Lee, Ghang Building Informatics Lab (Architecture and Architectural Engineering) The main research topics include Building Information Modeling (BIM), rule-based design validation and engineering, interoperability issues, information visualization, modular construction, and construction automation. See for more information.
2 N/A Major: Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)

Lee, Joon Sang The M.E.N.D. Research Center, Multi-scale Fluid Dynamics Lab (MFDL) (Mechanical Engineering) Visualize engineering product with virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR). 1 N/A Major: Engineering
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Avanced)
Other Requitements: Competitive and aggressive attitude on learning new subjects.
Lee, Yeonho Yonsei-EU Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence EU's normative power politics and the role of the EU on the Northeast Asia 1 N/A Major: Politics, International Politics, Political Economy, Public Policy
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
Other Requirements: Basic knowledge of EU institutions and politics
Seung-won Hwang Data intelligence lab (Computer Science) 1) Language Understanding
2) Machine Learning
3 N/A Major: Computer Science
Language: English (Advanced)
Other Requirements: Research experience
Yun, Tae Sup GEMS (Geo-Energy and Geo-Materials Lab) (Civil and Environmental Engineering) 1) Data mining
2) Image-processing
3) Image-based deep learning
2 N/A Major: Civil Engineering
Other Requirements: 1) Programming language (Matlab, Python, C) 2) Linear algebra
Language: Korean (Intermediate), English (Advanced)
For any inquiries regarding the Korea Summer Internship Program, please contact:
  • Email :    Tel : (82-2) 2123-3988