Social Sciences

6-Week Track

Code Title Period Professor
TBA [Online]The UN,International Civil Society and North Korean Human Rights  file download 1 Greg Scarlatoiu
IEE4016 Basic Principles of U.S. Law  file download 2 Danny K. Chun
IEE2068 Cultural Competence for the Global Citizens  file download 2 Min Sun Kim
POL1003 Introduction to International Relations  file download 2 Il-Hyun Cho
COM1101 Introduction to Media Studies  file download 2 Namkee Park
IEE3378 Legal Theory: Law And Philosophy  file download 1 John S.W. Park
COM3134 Media Psychology  file download 3 Namkee Park
IEE2085 Race and Law  file download 3 John S.W. Park
IEE3351 Real Law and Order  file download 3 Danny K. Chun
PSY3111 Social Psychology  file download 1 Bora Kim
SOC3603 Sociology of Family  file download 3 Leslie Paik
SOC1002 Understanding Sociology  file download 2 Leslie Paik

4-Week Track

Code Title Period Professor
PSY3111 Social Psychology  file download 1A Young-Hoon Kim

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※ The course teaching format is subject to change without prior notice depending on the COVID-19 situation.