Social Sciences

6-Week Track

Period Code Title Professor
1 ISM4508 A New Context of Chinese Foreign Policy  file download Sukhee Han
3 IEE2063 Applied Life Science in the Modern World  file download Jon Soderholm
3 IEE4016 Basic Principles of U.S. Law  file download Danny K. Chun
2 POL2106 Comparative Politics  file download Sankaran Krishna
2 IEE2068 Cultural Competence for the Global Citizens  file download Min Sun Kim
2 SOC3706 Economic Sociology Harris Kim
2 IEE3340 Entrepreneurship and Strategy  file download Gül Berna Özcan
1 ASP1011 Introduction To Asian Studies  file download Il-Hyun Cho
1 POL1003 Introduction to International Relations  file download Seo-Hyun Park
2 PSY2103 Introduction to Psychology  file download Dong Won Choi
1 PSY2103 Introduction to Psychology  file download Dong Won Choi
4 ISM3520 Korean Development  file download Jongryn Mo
4 POL3012 Korean Political Economy  file download Yeon Ho Lee
1 ECO3127 Law and Economics  file download Tai-Yeong Chung
1 UIC3570 Law and Philosophy  file download John S.W. Park
2 COM2117 Media and Society  file download Namkee Park
1 COM3134 Media Psychology  file download Namkee Park
4 POL4110 North Korean Politics and Foreign Policy  file download Yongho Kim
3 IEE2085 Race and Law  file download John S.W. Park
4 IEE3351 Real Law and Order  file download Danny K. Chun
1 PSY3111 Social Psychology  file download Bora Kim
3 SOC3603 Sociology of the Family  file download Leslie Paik
1 IEE2073 Topics in Korean Culture: Globalization and Multiculturalism  file download Min Sun Kim
2 IEE4009 Understanding Contemporary East Asia: Peace,Prosperity,and Integration  file download Chung-in Moon
2 SOC1002 Understanding Sociology  file download Leslie Paik
3 POL3828 United States Foreign Policy  file download Sankaran Krishna

4-Week Track

Period Code Title Professor
2A IEE2078 China and the World  file download Seung-Youn Oh
1A POL2106 Comparative Politics  file download Seung-Youn Oh
1A PSY3105 Developmental Psychology  file download Hyun-joo Song
1A PSY3111 Social Psychology  file download Young-Hoon Kim