Business & Economics

6-Week Track

Period Code Title Professor
1 MAT1101 Calculus  file download Jose Gomez
2 IEE3347 Corporate Finance  file download Keun Jung Lee
2 ECO3104 Econometrics I  file download Seokjoo Andrew Chang
2 SOC3706 Economic Sociology  file download Harris Kim
1 IEE3343 Financial Accounting  file download Seong-Yeon Cho
3 IEE2074 Global Marketing Management  file download Peng Chan
2 IEE3591 Global Supply Chain Management  file download Yusoon Kim
1 ISM2105 International Economics  file download Wongun Song
2 IEE3590 International Human Resource Management  file download Sven Horak
1 IEE3330 International Management  file download Sven Horak
2 TBA Introduction to Accounting Information Systems and Data Analytics  file download Seong-Yeon Cho
2 IEE1115 Introduction to Corporate Finance  file download Edward Wong
1 IEE3224 Introduction to Investment Management  file download Edward Wong
1 STA1001 Introduction to Statistics  file download Seokjoo Andrew Chang
1 ECO3127 Law and Economics  file download Tai-Yeong Chung
1 ECO2101 Macroeconomics  file download Jiseob Kim
2 IEE2028 Marketing  file download Ji Kyung Park
3 IEE2028 Marketing  file download Ji Kyung Park
2 IEE3334 Microeconomic Policy  file download Tai-Yeong Chung
1 ECO2102 Microeconomics  file download Keun Jung Lee
1 IEE3358 Operations Management  file download Yusoon Kim
3 ECO1104 Principles of Macroeconomics  file download Kyung-woo Lee
1 IEE2040 Principles of Managerial Accounting  file download Jungmin Yoo
2 ECO1103 Principles of Microeconomics  file download Kang-Shik Choi
2 IEE3293 Strategic Management  file download Peng Chan

4-Week Track

Period Code Title Professor
1A IEE3585 Entrepreneurship and Management  file download Nam Suck Lee
2A ECO3112 Korean Economy  file download Doowon Lee