2020 YISS Faculty

Professor Home University Course(s)
Bora Kim Yonsei University Social Psychology
Chung-in Moon Yonsei University Understanding Contemporary East Asia: Peace,Prosperity,and Integration
Daniel C. O'Neill University of California, Berkeley East Asian Cinema, East Asian Fiction
Danny K. Chun New York State Supreme Court Basic Principles of U.S. Law, Real Law and Order
Dong Won Choi California State University Introduction to Psychology
Dongsook Kim Yonsei University Korean (1)
Doowon Lee Yonsei University Korean Economy
Edward Wong Concordia University Introduction to Corporate Finance, Introduction to Investment Management
Harris Kim Ewha Womans University Economic Sociology
Hayoung Wong Yonsei University World History: Group II
Hyun Woo Park Yonsei University Biochemistry (1)
Hyuna Lee Biola University Biological Principles, Neurobiology
Hyunjung Kim Yonsei University Introduction to Computer Graphics
Il-Hyun Cho Lafayette College Introduction To Asian Studies
In-Whan Lyo Yonsei university General Physics
James Kyung-Jin Lee University of California, Irvine Asian American Literature, Korean American History
Jenny Wang Medina Emory University Contemporary Korean Culture And Society: The Global And The Local
Sun-Chul Kim Yonsei University Contemporary Korean Culture And Society: The Global And The Local
Ji Kyung Park University of Delaware Marketing
Jihoon Kim Chung-Ang University Korean Cinema
Jin Kook Lee Yonsei University [Online Only] AI & Design, Introduction to Computer Graphics
Jinbae Chung Yonsei University Philosophy in East Asian Literature
Jiseob Kim Yonsei University Macroeconomics
John S.W. Park University of California, Santa Barbara Law and Philosophy, Race and Law
Jon Soderholm Yonsei University Cell Biotechnology, Genetics
Jongryn Mo Yonsei University Korean Development
Jose Gomez National University of Colombia Calculus, Linear Algebra 1
Jungho Kim Yonsei University Media and Society
Jungmin Yoo Hongik University Principles of Managerial Accounting
Kang-Shik Choi Yonsei University Principles of Microeconomics
Keeheon Lee Yonsei University [Online Only] Introduction to Python Programming
Kelly Jeong UC Riverside Introduction to Korean Studies, Modern Korean History
Keun Jung Lee Yonsei University Corporate Finance, Microeconomics
KLI Instructor Yonsei University Advanced Korean Language Ⅰ, Advanced Korean Language Ⅱ, Beginning Korean Language Ⅰ, Beginning Korean Language Ⅱ, Beginning Korean Language Ⅲ, Intermediate Korean Language Ⅰ, Intermediate Korean Language Ⅱ, Intermediate Korean Language Ⅲ
Kuiyi Shen University of California, San Diego East Asian Art History, Introduction to Art History
Kyung-woo Lee Yonsei University Principles of Macroeconomics
Leslie Paik City College, CUNY Sociology of the Family, Understanding Sociology
Min Sun Kim University of Hawaii at Manoa Cultural Competence for the Global Citizens, Topics in Korean Culture: Globalization and Multiculturalism
Nam Suck Lee Chung-Ang University Entrepreneurship and Management
Peng Chan California State University, Fullerton Global Marketing Management, Strategic Management
Peter Graham University of California, Riverside Introductory Philosophy
S. Carroll Brooks III Yonsei University General Chemistry, Organic ChemistryⅠ
Sankaran Krishna University of Hawaii at Manoa Comparative Politics, United States Foreign Policy
Seo-Hyun Park Lafayette College Introduction to International Relations
Seokjoo Andrew Chang State University of New York at Albany Econometrics I, Introduction to Statistics
Seong-Yeon Cho Oakland University Financial Accounting, Introduction to Accounting Information Systems and Data Analytics
Seung-hoon Jeong Columbia University Contemporary Korean Culture & The Korean Wave
Steve Choe San Francisco State University Korean Cinema
Steven D. Capener Seoul Women's University Contemporary Korean Culture & The Korean Wave, Modern Korean Literature
Sukhee Han Yonsei University A New Context of Chinese Foreign Policy
Sven Horak St. John’s University International Human Resource Management, International Management
Tack-Don Han Yonsei University Introduction to Computer Science
Tai-Yeong Chung University of Western Ontario Law and Economics, Microeconomic Policy
Uk Heo University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Korean Politics and International Relations
Wongun Song Yonsei University International Economics
Woong Lim Yonsei University Engineering Math: Differential Equations, Introduction to Machine Learning
Yeon Ho Lee Yonsei University Korean Politics and Democracy
Yongho Kim Yonsei University North Korean Politics and Foreign Policy
Young-Hoon Kim Yonsei University Social Psychology
Yu Jin Ko Wellesley College Global Literature, World Literature: English & American Literature
Yusoon Kim Oregon State University Global Supply Chain Management, Operations Management