2020 YISS Faculty

Professor Home University Course(s)
Bora Kim Yonsei University [Online only] Social Psychology
Chung-in Moon Yonsei University Understanding Contemporary East Asia: Peace,Prosperity,and Integration
Daniel C. O'Neill University of California, Berkeley [Online only] East Asian Cinema, [Online only] East Asian Fiction
Danny K. Chun New York State Supreme Court [Online only] Basic Principles of U.S. Law, [Online only] Real Law and Order
Dong Won Choi California State University [Online only] Introduction to Psychology
Dongsook Kim Yonsei University [Online only] Korean (1)
Doowon Lee Yonsei University [Online only] Korean Economy
Edward Wong Concordia University [Online only] Introduction to Corporate Finance, [Online only] Introduction to Investment Management
Harris Kim Ewha Womans University [Online only] Economic Sociology
Hayoung Wong Yonsei University World History: Group II
Hyun Woo Park Yonsei University Biochemistry (1)
Hyuna Lee Biola University Biological Principles, Neurobiology
Hyunjung Kim Yonsei University Introduction to Computer Graphics
Il-Hyun Cho Lafayette College [Online only] Introduction To Asian Studies
In-Whan Lyo Yonsei university General Physics
James Kyung-Jin Lee University of California, Irvine [Online only] Asian American Literature, [Online only] Korean American History
Jenny Wang Medina Emory University Contemporary Korean Culture And Society: The Global And The Local
Sun-Chul Kim Yonsei University Contemporary Korean Culture And Society: The Global And The Local
Ji Kyung Park University of Delaware [Online only] Marketing
Jihoon Kim Chung-Ang University [Online only] Korean Cinema
Jin Kook Lee Yonsei University [Online Only] AI & Design, Introduction to Computer Graphics
Jinbae Chung Yonsei University [Online only] Philosophy in East Asian Literature
Jiseob Kim Yonsei University [Online only] Macroeconomics
John S.W. Park University of California, Santa Barbara Law and Philosophy, Race and Law
Jon Soderholm Yonsei University [Online only] Genetics, Cell Biotechnology
Jongryn Mo Yonsei University [Online only] Korean Development
Jose Gomez National University of Colombia [Online only] Calculus, Linear Algebra 1
Jungho Kim Yonsei University Media and Society
Jungmin Yoo Hongik University [Online only] Principles of Managerial Accounting
Kang-Shik Choi Yonsei University [Online only] Principles of Microeconomics
Keeheon Lee Yonsei University [Online Only] Introduction to Python Programming
Kelly Jeong UC Riverside [Online only] Introduction to Korean Studies, [Online only] Modern Korean History
Keun Jung Lee Yonsei University [Online only] Corporate Finance, [Online only] Microeconomics
KLI Instructor Yonsei University [Online only] Advanced Korean Language Ⅰ, [Online only] Advanced Korean Language Ⅱ, [Online only] Beginning Korean Language Ⅰ, [Online only] Beginning Korean Language Ⅱ, [Online only] Beginning Korean Language Ⅲ, [Online only] Intermediate Korean Language Ⅰ, [Online only] Intermediate Korean Language Ⅱ, [Online only] Intermediate Korean Language Ⅲ
Kuiyi Shen University of California, San Diego [Online only] East Asian Art History, [Online only] Introduction to Art History
Kyung-woo Lee Yonsei University [Online only] Principles of Macroeconomics
Leslie Paik City College, CUNY [Online only] Sociology of the Family, [Online only] Understanding Sociology
Min Sun Kim University of Hawaii at Manoa [Online only] Cultural Competence for the Global Citizens, [Online only] Topics in Korean Culture:Globalization&Multiculturalism
Nam Suck Lee Chung-Ang University Entrepreneurship and Management
Peng Chan California State University, Fullerton [Online only] Global Marketing Management, [Online only] Strategic Management
Peter Graham University of California, Riverside [Online only] Introductory Philosophy
S. Carroll Brooks III Yonsei University [Online only] General Chemistry, [Online only] Organic ChemistryⅠ
Sankaran Krishna University of Hawaii at Manoa Comparative Politics, United States Foreign Policy
Seo-Hyun Park Lafayette College [Online only] Introduction to International Relations
Seokjoo Andrew Chang State University of New York at Albany [Online only] Econometrics I, [Online only] Introduction to Statistics
Seong-Yeon Cho Oakland University [Online only] Financial Accounting, [Online only] Intro to Accounting Information Systems & Data Analytics
Seung-hoon Jeong California State University, Long Beach [Online only] Contemporary Korean Culture & The Korean Wave
Steve Choe San Francisco State University [Online only] Korean Cinema
Steven D. Capener Seoul Women's University [Online only] Contemporary Korean Culture & The Korean Wave, [Online only] Modern Korean Literature
Sukhee Han Yonsei University [Online only] A New Context of Chinese Foreign Policy
Sven Horak St. John’s University [Online only] International Human Resource Management, [Online only] International Management
Tack-Don Han Yonsei University Introduction to Computer Science
Tai-Yeong Chung University of Western Ontario [Online only] Law and Economics, [Online only] Microeconomic Policy, Law and Economics
Uk Heo University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [Online only] Korean Politics and International Relations
Wongun Song Yonsei University International Economics
Woong Lim Yonsei University [Online only] Engineering Math: Differential Equations, Introduction to Machine Learning
Yeon Ho Lee Yonsei University Korean Politics and Democracy
Yongho Kim Yonsei University North Korean Politics and Foreign Policy
Young-Hoon Kim Yonsei University [Online only] Social Psychology
Yu Jin Ko Wellesley College [Online only] Global Literature, World Literature: English & American Literature
Yusoon Kim Oregon State University [Online only] Operations Management, Global Supply Chain Management