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Title Korea Immigration Service Foundation: Immigration Consulting Service
Name YISS Date 17.06.26 Hit 3,398

The Korea Immigration Service Foundation, a cooperating agency of the Ministry of Justice, will organize consultations on immigration issues at our school as part of the project to help foreign residents adapt to the Korean society.

Please visit and get a consultation if you have questions about immigration.


1. Date & Time: Jun 27.(Tue) 10:00 ~ 17:00

2. Location: Baekyang Hall(B/D number 310) Suite S301

3. Consulting contents: Immigration and sojourn issues like a work visa, a job seeker visa, marriage, permanent resident ,etc.

4. Fee: Free

5. Language: Korean, English

6. Remarks

  1) You may wait because consultation is done in the order of visit.

  2) This service is a counseling service, not an agency service.

7. Contact: Office of International Affairs,