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Title 2017 YISS Textbook Information
Name YISS Date 17.06.13 Hit 4,173
File file 2017 YISS Textbooks Available at Yonsei Book Store.pdf    

1 . Check Course Syllabus:

Check your course syllabus carefully and purchase your textbooks or course readers individually. 

It is the student’s responsibility to prepare academic supplies for each class.

You can find course syllabus on our website(


2. Textbooks NOT Available at Yonsei Bookstore:

You should purchase them individually either on-line (ex. Amazon) or off-line in prior to beginning the program. Before purchasing them, please carefully check your textbook’s exact title, author, edition number and publishing company. To make further inquiry about textbooks, please email your professor.

We strongly advise you to pruchase textbooks on-line in prior to beginning the program.


3. Textbooks Available at Yonsei Bookstore:

Some textbooks can be purchased at the Yonsei Bookstore on campus. Please find the attached PDF file for the books available at Yonsei Bookstore(The Commons / Map #130)

Yonsei Campus Map(


4. Course Reader, Course Packet, Copied Materials:

For classes using a course reader, course packet or copied materials, please download it on YSCEC( and make a course reader by yourself at the copy center.


New Millennium Hall Photocopy Center

▪  Location: Copy Works, Room B209, New Millennium Hall (Map #606)

▪  Tel) 02-2123-8164

▪  Working hours : Monday to Friday 9 AM - 6 PM / Saturday, Sunday Closed

Gwangbok Hall Photocopy Center

▪   Location: Copy works, Basement Floor, Gwangbok Hall(Map #308)

▪   Tel) 02-2123-8146

▪   Working hours : Monday to Friday 8:30 AM - 7 PM / Saturday, Sunday Closed

Widang Hall Photocopy Center

▪   Location: Room 104, Widang Hall (Map #527)

▪   Tel) 02-2123-4900

▪   Working hours : Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM / Saturday, Sunday Closed