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Title YISS Alumni Referral Benefit
Name YISS Date 17.03.03 Hit 2,556

Dear YISS Alumni,


This year, we are pleased to offer the YISS Alumni Referral Benefit for the first time. The benefit will be offered to 2017 YISS applicants that were recommended by a past participant of YISS. If you would like to recommend someone, please have him/her submit our on-line application (, then send us a letter of recommendation.


[Sample recommendation letter]

Dear YISS,

Hello. I would like to recommend my friend (or cousin, brother, etc.) to study at YISS 2017.

My name:

My date of birth:

YISS participating year:

Applicant’s name:

His/her date of birth:

E-mail address:

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The benefit is 150,000 won, and it will be deducted from the tuition after all the application materials have been received.

Please note that one past participant may recommend only one applicant. The benefit is only applicable to visiting (non-exchange) students, and not applicable for students who received the early enrollment benefit or the re-enrollment benefit.


The recommendation letter must be sent to by April 17, 2017.​