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Title [Important] Course Updates
Name YISS Date 18.05.14 Hit 2,469

Course Cancellation

Introduction to Computer Science

_Prof. Kyoungwoo Lee

Please note that the above course for the 4 week program has been cancelled.

Those who intended to take this course are encouraged to select an alternative course during the course registration period (7th to 8th June).


Course Syllabus Changed

North Korean Politics and Foreign Policy (Course Code: POL4110)

_Prof. Yongho Kim

A new course syllabus can be viewed here:


Course Title Changed

Please note that the titles for the following courses have been changed:

Original title


Revised title

Course Code


A New Context of Chinese Security and Foreign Policy


A New Context of Chinese Foreign Policy


Prof. Sukhee Han

Introduction to
the U.S. Law

Basic Principles of
U.S. Law


Prof. Danny Chun