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Title [Yonsei Summer Semester] Additional Application (June 4th to 5th)
Name YISS Date 20.06.01 Hit 2,632

Dear students,

Our office decided to open an additional application period from June 4th to 5th for the Yonsei Summer Semester (note that the YISS has been cancelled due to the COVID-19).
You will have to submit the application from our website ( and pay the full application fee and tuition fee no later than June 5th.

(How to submit application?


Considering the short time period, if you are paying via wire transfer, you can pay the application fee and tuition fee altogether, however, if you are paying by credit card, you are able to pay the tuition fee only after receiving the admission letter, so, please calculate the time to finish all the process in time. 


Although you can apply from June 4th 00:00 AM to June 5th 23:59 PM, we recommend you to finish prior June 5th 5PM during our office hour to make sure you are enrolled properly. 
This is the last opportunity to participate in the Yonsei Summer Semester this year.

If enrolled successfully, you will be able to participate in the course registration during the add and drop period (2nd course registration period) from June 10th (8 AM) to 11th (5 PM). However, make sure that you will only be able to apply for the remaining seats on a first-come-first-served basis, after the 1st-course registration (May 26th to 28th). We will not be able to inform which course will have remaining seats, so you will have to wait until June 10th to 11th.

(Course Registration Guideline:​)

(Course List:

(Course Syllabus:

​(Academic Calendar and Fees:

In case there is not a single course you would like to attend, you are able to request a full refund for the tuition fee until June 29th via email. However, note that the application fee (100,000 KRW) is non-refundable.

Let us know if you have further inquiries (
Kind regards,