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Title [Yonsei Summer Semester] Application date & How to check previous courses
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Dear prospective students,


We are currently organizing the application page for Yonsei Summer Semester which will be open on April 28th. The application period is from April 28th to May 22nd. 


We understand your concerns regarding the upcoming Yonsei Summer Semester which will be newly open for international students for the first time this year. For this reason, we would like to guide you through on how to check the previous courses offered for your reference. Please be informed that the course list for Yonsei Summer Semester this year will be set and available for you at the beginning of May.


1. Visit Yonsei Portal website:


2. Change the website language to English by clicking on the "English" button on the top-right side of the page.


3. Click on the "Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate & Graduate".


4. Change the searching option as in the picture below: 

*Major: Undergraduate Programs > Supplementary Term (there are two supplementary terms in the options, choose the one above the 'Study Abroad Course') > Summer Session (Korean) > All

*Semester: 2019 > Summer 

*English Course Only searching option is also available.



5. Click on the 'magnifier' image to search. 


6. Check on the purple arrow to look at the syllabus. Make sure to check the language, grading policy, and the number of credits for each course. 

You can easily find the above information on the right side of the page on the Ref. part. 

English taught courses are given number 2 on the reference. 

For grading policy: (a) - Graded on Relative Scale, (b) - Graded on Absolute Scale, and (c) - Graded on P/NP basis.



Of course, the courses offered last year will not be the same courses as this year, but we hope this information helps you understand what kind of courses are generally offered. 


We will soon be uploading further information including the tuition fee, registration information and so on. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Hope you are healthy and safe.