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Title [Yonsei Summer Semester] Updated Course List (April 28th)
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File file 2020 Yonsei Summer Semester Course List_Updated on 28th of April.pdf    file Course Syllabus (0428).zip    

Dear student, 


We are sharing the most up to date list of the courses offered for the international students during the Yonsei Summer Semester. 

The list includes 15 courses taught in English and 38 other courses that are taught in Korean (in total 53 courses at this point). 

Please note that the courses can change without notice depending on the situation and we will inform our students via our website. So, please check our website News & Notice page frequently. 


We have also attached 6 syllabi for the courses offered by the International Affairs Team, including 2 online courses. 

We will keep you updated when we acquire other courses' syllabus. 


Once again please note that most of the courses are conveyed in Korean, and you need to get approval from your home University prior to registering to our courses for credit transfer. 


More information will be updated soon.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have further inquiries (