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Title [YISS] Entry Information - Suspension of Pre & Post PCR Test Requirement (Not for those entering from China) (Jan 2, 2023)
Name YISS Date 23.01.02 Hit 3,734
File file Q-CODE User Manual_v8_English.pdf    
Quarantine Information for All Travelers to Rep. of Korea

Mandatory quarantine and Post-entry PCR testing for International arrivals are lifted,

and it's strongly encouraged to use Q-code system before entry -

[Suspension of post-entry PCR testing for All overseas entrants starting from October 1, 2022]

○ (1, October 2022 KST ~) 

Beginning October 1, 2022, 0:00 AM (sat)the requirement for all inbound travelers to do post-entry PCR testing is suspended, so please refer to this information if you are entering to Korea.

○ Masks should be put on indoors still (updated 2, January 2023)


○ If tested positive during stay in Korea, 7-days of self-quarantine is required.

[All overseas entrants(except ones departing from China) will be exempt from isolation starting from June 8, 2022]

don't need to apply quarantine exemption certificate -

 (8, June 2022 KST ~) Quarantine exemption for all overseas entrants regardless of their vaccination history

You can still use Q-code system established by the KDCA in order to shorten the time for quarantine inspection and provide the conveniences overseas entrants require upon entry to the Republic of Korea.

 Pre-entry Quarantine (Q-code) system ( ) 

- (Before departure) Input Personal info., Entry & Stay info., Health condition → Issue QR-Code

※ Registration of your information in Q-code is strongly encouraged to shorten their waiting time for entry and enable efficient followup management.

 Q-code System (click to go to the website)



[Entrants departing from China (Separated measure is added for Hong Kong, Macau added from January 7) are required to enter pre-departure PCR or RAT test result in Q-CODE, and post-arrival PCR Test is required] - subject to change

 (2 ~ 31, January 2023 KST ~) Short-term stay visa is suspended from issuing

 (5, January 2023 KST ~) (for those entering from China)

  - Pre-departure COVID19 test result (PCR within 48 hours or RAT within 24 hours) should be entered in Q-CODE

  - Post-arrival PCR test should be done (at Airport test center for short-term stay visa holders)

 (7, January 2023 KST ~) (for those entering from Hong Kong and Macau)

  - Pre-departure COVID19 test result (PCR within 48 hours or RAT within 24 hours) should be entered in Q-CODE