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Title [YISS] How to get WIFI on campus (Student Handbook is attached)
Name YISS Date 22.06.23 Hit 1,999
File file 2022 YISS Student Handbook 0623-1.pdf    file 2022 YISS Student Handbook 0623-2.pdf    

Dear YISS students


Welcome to Yonsei Campus! YISS is getting started less than a week!

This is about Yonsei Wifi, which is available all over the campus.


Login ID and Password is the same with Yonsei Portal.

( Username(YISS student ID): 202284---- )


0. Eduroam is available.

1. Please choose 'Yonsei' in the wifi list and input your ID and PW.

2. If you would like to use wifi on your laptop or tables, you can use 'Yonsei_web' instead.

3. Please connect to 'Yonsei_info' for detailed information.





For your information, student handbook file is attached here.

We hope you have a wonderful summer at Yonsei!


Best Regards,