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Title [Yonsei Summer Semester] How to cancel your course after the class begins
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2020 Yonsei Summer Semester 

How to cancel your course after the class begins (from June 30th)


  1) Course cancellation is only possible until 2020. 7. 8. 17:00 PM. After this period, you are no longer able to withdraw and cancel the course. 

  2) Course withdrawal/ cancellation

     - Before June 30th: Send an email to informing that you want to cancel your course registration (please include your student number and information of the course you want to cancel) 
     - From June 30th: Please send us the attached file with the confirmation of the instructor of the course via email. Since it's an online course, please request the confirmation and signature of your professor via email. 
  3) Refund policy 

   From June 30th, please send us the Course Cancellation Request Form via email. Note that bank and postage remittance charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

Application Fee



Until Jun 29, 2020

Full refund

Until Jul 6, 17:00

2/3 of the tuition fee

1 course – 666,700 KRW

2 courses – 1,333,400 KRW

3 courses – 2,000,000 KRW

Until Jul 8, 17:00

1/2 of the tuition fee

1 course – 500,000 KRW

2 courses – 1,000,000 KRW

3 courses – 1,500,000 KRW

From Jul 8, 17:00

No refund

Cancellation is not possible

  Please note that we strictly follow our refund policy and refund should be requested within each deadline.

  ※ Make sure to check the class information and plan from YSCEC before the class begins.


If you have any further inquiry do not hesitate to contact: