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Title ★[Notice] Technical issue with the internship application★
Name YISS Date 22.04.21 Hit 1,447


Dear Students


We have heard from some of the students that there was a technical issue with the internship application.


If you are in trouble with the internship application and you might worry about the deadline, please email with your contents for the internship application by April 22 (11:59 pm KST).

Your ID & Password

1) Personal information confirmation

2) Education

3) Work Experience (if any)

4) Extra-Curricular Activities/ Volunteer Work (if any)

5) Language/Skills

6) Personal Statement: about 500 words describing your background, character (strength and weakness), values and goals)

7) Company Preference

- Please select company and explain why this particular company is appropriate for your internship goals (academic, personal etc.) and the motive for applying this company. Please be advised that this form should be considered as a cover letter

- You may choose up to 5 companies.


We will assume that you’ve submitted it in time if you email us by then.