Do I have to take the courses I signed up for on the application form?

Courses you applied for on the application are for survey purposes only. After your acceptance is confirmed, you should register for courses by the online instructions from the Office of International Affairs (OIA).

How long does it take to get a refund?

It can be differed based on the payment method you used to make a payment.

Please allow at least three weeks for the process. 

How long does it take to get a refund?

Refunds and scholarships are processed through your bank account if you have paid by wire transfer, and to your credit card if you have paid through your credit card. Please allow at least three weeks for the process.


Where can I find Housing Information?

​Dormitory information can be found at http://ih.yonsei.ac.kr, please contact SK Global House (82-2-2123-7481 / skghouse@yonsei.ac.kr) or Internatinoal House (82-2-2123-4616 / ihouse@yonsei.ac.kr)


Why does my online credit card payment fail?

In case you fail in making a credit card payment, we recommend you to first contact your credit card company to check
with the error.

Also, we also recommend you to follow the following solutions accordingly.

1) 3D Secure: In most of the cases, the error occurs due to the 3D secure authentication. You may encounter an error message saying “Parameter Error”. In this case please check if your card has been verified for 3D security (VISA)/ SecureCode (Master Card), and J/Secure™ (JCB).

  3D Secure is an authentication service for secure online card payment that is recommended by VISA, Mastercard, and JCB. "3D Secure" is the general term for authentication services provided by each card brands under different names.

* Please be informed that cards issued by companies that has not prepared for payment with 3D Secure can not be used.

Registration: In order to use 3D Secure with your credit card, you have to register with your bank. The bank that issued the credit card is responsible for the registration.


2) Error message stating that "the developer setting is not correct":
This happens when there is a problem in the router/ firewall. An easy solution for this would be to connect your phone’s hotspot to the laptop and try the payment again.


3) The page tells me to enter 12 numbers instead of 16 digits. 

The lock at the last box does not mean that you cannot put the numbers. 

It is just a sign that the last 4 digits at the last box will be shown as dots(●) or stars(*) due to safety issues.

So, you can just put the full number of your credit card.   

4) Send us a screenshot of the error message with a detailed explanation via email (iwinter@yonsei.ac.kr). The more information you contain; it is easier for us to assist you.