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1 09:00 ~ 10:40  
2 11:00 ~ 12:40  
3 13:20 ~ 15:00  
4 15:20 ~ 17:00 Korean Language
Course ends 18:00
Courses are subject to change without prior notice.
The period is tentative and subject to change.
Course load: 2~3 courses (3 credits each)
Classes: 4 days a week (Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thurs)
Credit Transferability
The credits students earn at YISS will be transferable to most institutions outside Korea. For credit transfer, students are required to consult with their academic advisor in their home institution and obtain pre-approval to receive credits back to their school.
Arts, Culture, and Humanities
Code Period Title Professor
IEE2042 Asian American Literature James Kyung-Jin Lee
IEE2045 Contemporary Art: Art Since 1945 Kevin Hatch
UIC1654 Introduction to Art History Kevin Hatch
IEE1135 Introduction to Korean Art Sunglim Kim
IEE1136 Introductory Philosophy Peter Graham
IEE2059 Theory of Knowledge Peter Graham
IEE1120 World History: The Modern Era Chad Denton
UIC1401 World Literature: Comparative Literature Min Hyoung Song
UIC1351 World Literature: English & American Literature Min Hyoung Song
UIC3630 World War II: Global Perspectives Chad Denton

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