Corporate Internship

Corporate Internship Program

The Korea Summer Internship Program offers YISS students direct exposure to global corporate settings in the heart of Seoul, Korea. Taking advantage of Yonsei University’s vast alumni networks and strong ties with business and educational partners, the program provides students with the opportunity to gain professional work experience and to build social networks in some of the world’s leading companies and organizations. Do not miss this opportunity to advance your career during this summer.

  • Eligibility : Students who are enrolled in YISS (Yonsei Students are not eligible)
  • Internship period : Jul 3, 2018 ~ Aug 9, 2018 (6 weeks)
  • Working hours required : Mon-Fri, 14:00~18:00 (20 hours per week)
    * Working hours may vary depending on each sponsoring company’s conditions and student’s course schedule.
  • Course Syllabus : File Down
  • Expected benefits :
    - 3 academic credits, equivalent to credits earned in one YISS course
    * Internship participants can obtain 6 credits including 3 credits from the Korea Summer Internship Program. (Graded on Pass/Non-pass basis)
    - Certificate of participation issued by Yonsei university
    - Access to Korea Summer Internship Program network

How to Apply

To apply for the Internship Program, students are required to:

  1. 1. Submit the completed internship application on-line by Apr 27, 2018
    * Internship application will be available from Apr 9, 2018
  2. 2. Pay the full tuition for the YISS by Apr 27, 2018
    * Exchange students do not need to pay the tuition to Yonsei.

Application Timeline

Once your application is submitted, it will be forwarded to the internship sponsor, who will ultimately make a selection. Some sponsoring companies may choose to interview short-listed candidates by telephone or in person before recruiting interns.

Application Timeline (Tentative)
Student application Deadline Apr 9, 2018 ~ Apr 27, 2018
Tuition payment deadline Apr 27, 2018
Final announcements sent Jun 1, 2018
Course registration deadline Jun 8, 2018
Internship orientation Jul 2, 2018
Internship start & end date Jul 3, 2018 ~ Aug 9, 2018
Note :
  • Internship placement is not guaranteed. Final decisions will be made by individual company. Please be prepared with an alternate course approved from your home university in case you are not accepted to work as an intern.
  • Applicant may apply for up to 5 internship positions (KSIP&YSRI).
  • Please make extra caution when selecting internship positions and ask any questions before submitting your application. Once you are accepted, you cannot change your internship position or cancel your application.
  • For the detailed job description of each position, please refer to the list of sponsoring companies file attached.
  • The applicants should be admitted to YISS and pay the full tuition for the YISS by Apr 27, 2018. Exchange students do not need to pay the tuition to Yonsei.
  • Incomplete or late submissions and payment will not be taken into consideration for the internship.
  • For refund policy, please refer to this website: Refund Policy

Course Schedule Modules

  • The following modules are devised to assist internship participants for the course schedules.
  • Considering internship and course loads, participants can take one course(during period 1 or 2) in addition to the internship.
Module 1
  • Taking 1st period course and afternoon internship from Monday to Friday
  • Total obtainable credits : 6 credits
Period Class Hours MON TUE WED THU FRI
1 09:00~10:40 Course
11:00~13:00 Lunch & Moving
14:00~18:00 Internship
Module 2
  • Taking 2nd period course and afternoon internship from Monday to Friday
  • Total obtainable credits : 6 credits
Period Class Hours MON TUE WED THU FRI
2 11:00~12:40 Course
13:00~14:00 Lunch & Moving
14:00~18:00 Internship
Module 3
  • Taking 1A period course and afternoon internship from Monday to Friday
  • Total obtainable credits : 6 credits
Period Class Hours MON TUE WED THU FRI
1A 09:30~12:00 Course
12:00~14:00 Lunch & Moving
14:00~18:00 Internship

Sponsoring Companies 2017

  • A list of companies will continue to update it until the middle of April. So please check back with us!
  • Details regarding department and intern task are tentative and may change without prior notice to the intern.
Department Task(s) Number of Internship Positions Requirements
Accelerate Korea Optional(Depending on skills and preference) Business Development, Marketing, PR & Communication, Design, UI/ UX, Education & Incubation programs for Startsups 2 English: Fluent
Korean is not a requirement. Any additional language skills are welcome (Korea, Chinese, and others.)
Atcostech Asia Herbs R&D Center Healthcare with Asian Herbs
-Planning industrializing Asian Herbs
-Researching Asian herbs market condition
2 Basic level in Korean
Fluent in English
Prefer students from ASEAN (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, etc)
Blue Gold Marketing Team Assist general office work particularly translating Chinese documents. 1 Intermediate in Korean
Intermediate in English
Fluent in Chinese
Dongdong Sales/Marketing Team Planning/ Marketing team 2 Basic level in Korean
Intermediate level in English
Prefer students who can use Japanese, French language

Gemfactory Fingerfun Division Design and Marketing 2 Prefer students who are good at Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Intermediate in Korean
Intermediate in English
GREW Creative Lab Public Relations Team Maintaining SNS Channel & Press release 2 Fluent in Korean
Fluent in English
*Students who stay in Songdo campus or who can commute to Songdo only.
Handok Will be announced on the day of Internship Result Will be announced on the day of Internship Result 1-2 Korean: Fluent
English: Fluent
Hyundai Corporation Overseas Sales Division Overseas Market Research 4 Prefer students who are fluent in foreign languages other than English and Korean
Intermediate level in English
KIST Chemical Analysis Center Assist in research
Developing LC-MS/MS analyzing method
1 Korean: Basic level
English: Intermediate level
KMARIN Strategy & Marketing 1. Business Developing: Maritime project organizing, Contracting with global big enterprises like BP, Cargill
2. Project Managing: British maritime law based ship building/ Chartering & Project structuring
3 Fluent in English/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Chinese and/or Japanese(Both written and spoken)
All majors welcomed
Good Microsoft Office skills(Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
Outstanding communication skills, learning agility, strong responsibility
Korea Housing Finance Corporation Securitization Business Department Assist financial business 1 Korean: Fluent
English: Basic Level
Korea Immigration Service Foundation Project Management Team/ Education Support Team Project Management Team: Accounting Assistant
Education Support Team: Education Assistant
2 Fluent in Korean
Intermediate in English
Project Management Team: Major - Accounting, Business
Education Support Team: Students who are good at "Hanguel",Excel and PPT
Laftel Product Development Translation / Update DB 3 Intermediate in Korean
Fluent in English
Students who are interested in Animation
Openknowl Education Team Develop Educational Programs
Chinese education/career/employment mentoring and assist to research Chinese education market
2 Korean: Intermediate
English: Fluent
Chinese speakers preferred
Students who are interested in education/ employment mentoring
SK Planet Syrup style business team Establishing alliances with Chinese companies
Operating and Customer services
2 Fluent in Chinese and Korean language,
Intermediate in English
Enthusiastic, outgoing and active students who are willing to take on new challenges.
TNDN Management team Marketing, Public Relations and Translation 2 Fluent in Korean, Fluent in English
Chinese or Japanese speakers preferred
Woori Bank International Relation Team, Foreign Marketing Team, Global Strategy Team Research foreign market conditions and economic trends, translation
Conduct market analysis and develop strategy
4 Korean: Intermediate
English: Fluent
MS Word, Excel, and Power Point skills are required.
Prefer Chinese or Southeast Asian language speakers.
Yonsei University (Office of International Affairs) International Team SNS marketing, Public Relations 1 English: Fluent
For any inquiries regarding the Korea Summer Internship Program, please contact:
  • Email :
  • Tel : (82-2) 2123-3988
  • Fax : (82-2) 2123-8706
  • Address :
    International Education Center, Office of International Affairs, Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03722, Korea