Science & Technology

6-Week Track

Period Code Title Professor
3 IEE2063 Applied Life Science in the Modern World  file download Jon Soderholm
2 LSB3101 Biochemistry (1)  file download Sunglan Chung
1 MAT1101 Calculus  file download Budimir Rosic
2 IEE2069 Energy and Environment  file download Budimir Rosic
3 IEE1111 General Chemistry  file download S. Carroll Brooks III
3 IEE3296 General Microbiology  file download Eungbin Kim
1 IEE1109 General Physics  file download In-Whan Lyo
2 LST2003 Genetics  file download Jon Soderholm
3 IEE3366 Innovation & Technology Management  file download Jonathan Liebenau
1 IEE2082 Introduction to Computer Graphics  file download Huiju Park
1 STA1001 Introduction to Statistics  file download Seokjoo Andrew Chang
1 IEE2030 Organic ChemistryⅠ  file download S. Carroll Brooks III
2 UBC3005 Physiology  file download Eunji Cheong

4-Week Track

Period Code Title Professor
No Data.