Field Trip

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Field Trip Information

Date June 26 (Tue) ~ 28 (Thu), 2018
Places Gangwon Province (Naksan Temple, Waterpark, Seorak Mt., Nami Island)
Fee(KRW) 500,000
Application deadline May 16 (Wed)
Payment deadline May 25 (Fri)
Itinerary(2018) File Down
  • The Field Trip schedule and fees are subject to change.

Transportation will be provided on air-conditioned tour buses, with accommodations at first-class tourist resorts. The cost is 500,000 won, which covers accommodations, meals, transportation and admission fees. Once registration and payments are completed, only partial refunds are made if cancelled (See section on Refund Policy).

Luggage check-in will take place in New Millennium Hall on Tuesday, June 26th.
Please note that students can take only one luggage during the trip and checked-in luggage will be stored on-campus.