Yonsei Advantages

Korea's Premier University with Global Perspectives

Yonsei University has consistently ranked as the top private university in Korea and is taking a leading role in globalizing higher education in Asia.
*Ranked 106th in the QS World University Rankings 2015

Lively and Vibrant Urban Culture

Yonsei's main campus at Sinchon is ensconced in a spacious, picturesque and natural setting that is located minutes away from downtown Seoul.

Leading Summer Program

Yonsei University has hosted one of the oldest and innovative international summer school programs in Korea since 1985.

Global Partnerships

YISS is administered in partnership with the University of California. Each year, key faculty and over 200 students from the UC system take part in YISS.

Academic Excellence

YISS offers a wide range of courses in the arts, culture, and humanities, Asian and Korean studies, international politics and economics, global management, science and technology, and environmental studies.

Korea Summer Internship Program

Korea Summer Internship Program offers qualified students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to global companies located in Korea during the summer.

Cultural Excursions & Special Activities

Students can experience Korean culture and participate in a variety of activities and events outside the classroom including field trips and cultural immersion programs.

Global Alumni Network

Our YISS students and faculty come from all over the world. Be a part of the ever expanding global network of nearly 16,600 YISS alumni.